Friday, August 26, 2011

August Favorites

These are my favorite things in August! It was a good month for makeup, as Rite Aid had their free after mail in rebate makeup products as well as greatly reduced after mail in rebate makeup products. SCORE! It was a good month for stocking up pre senior semester madness. I will be graduating early this semester as well as working full time, so I won't have time to shop for necessities.

I'm writing this from Josh's house.
His just sister said "I would cut off my arm to see the All American Rejects in Concert."
Josh said "All american reject? Look in the Mirror."
Kayla "...I'd love to see Simple Plan..."
 Josh, " I have a simple plan, shut up."
I laughed.

1. Covergirl Photoready Concealer

Available at Walmart and Pharmacies, free after rebate with Rite Aid beauty camp:
Ya'll will find that I am a concealer JUNKIE. I don't wear foundation, I just am helplessly reeled into the look of bright (maybe over concealed) under eyes. It's an Este Lauder via 1980 kinda look, and I like it.

ANYHOW I usually experience creasing in under eye concealer, and I always wear concealer under my brow bone to hide any veins and around my nose where I have a few broken capilaries. This concealer does not budge. It dries smooth, but doesn't dry out my skin. It's my HG concealer for ALL concealing purposes, and I have searched from high end to wet and wild.

2. Tresame Thermal Heat Tamer Spray

Available at Walmart and Pharmacies:
I use this before I blow dry my hair and then again before I curl it. I have noticed a drastic difference in using this and it is about as affordable as affordable gets. Its a safeguard for your hair against heat and it is my new beauty must. I have fine hair and it is light weight, not oily, yet makes is soft and manageable. It also has detangling qualities. I will feel guilty heat treating my hair from now on without protecting it first.

3. Dexter

My roommates cat, Dexter. His presence is free of cost:
I love this cat. I'm actually allergic, but I really love cuddling with him. He chirps like a bird and talks to me all the time. When I put him in the garage to clean and let him back in, he lets me have it! When I open the fridge, sometimes he tries to get in. I think he is so funny and he is always so dressed up in his tuxedo.

4. The Hunger Games by Suzzane Collins

This series had me HOOKED! I read it straight through. It is incredible and I'd recommend it to anyone. It is fairly violent, but I really was captivated. Awesome books. They are being made into a movie too, with Lenny Kravitz playing Cinna. I'm pumped.

5. Renpure Organics Amazing Miracle Deep Conditioning Treatment

Available at Rite Aid, apprx $5.00 after $2.50 mail in rebate. Worth it:
This is AMAZING. No parabens and organic, not that I care. It doesn't have sulfates either, and I do care about that. There's a lot of suggestion that sulfates deplete hair of its good oils and such, so seeing sulfate free is nice. This is safe for colored hair and is great deep conditioner, I pair it with the red shampoo from the same line called "My Pretty Hair is Parched". A rule I have for conditioner is that my hair needs to have the conditioner slip where there are no knots before I get out. Makes my hair soft and shiny and there is no strong scent to conflict with my fragrance.

I should pay attention to Josh now, who is an always favorite.

Night Ya'll!


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